Hi Enrico,It's 6.30pm here and I hope your dad is getting some sleep before hitting the road to you. But I bet he's awake and chomping at the bit to head your way. As long as he arrived safely he said then he'd really relax and vacation would start. I am surprised your large facility and the equipment for bottling etc. I just thought it was be less mechanical for some reason. I hope your time has been a great learning expeience and now the real fun begins with your dad! Cheers and Salute! Sandy


He made it to Castiglione Falletto safely! We had a great day today, just seeing the local sights and eating good food. I also showed him around the winery and he met all the people I’ve been working with the past couple months. All is good here, we leave tomorrow afternoon for the area of Modena.

Vietti is actually pretty modern. The new facility is I think only two years old, and the bottling line is pretty amazing.

See you soon! 

Just some 17-year-old wine followed up by a 23-year-old wine…

The Barbera was great, but the 1990 Nebbiolo was a truly amazing wine.

A few pictures of the massive bottling line in the other half of the magazzino. Pictures don’t do it justice, this thing is one intense machine. 

The outside of the magazzino in Serralunga. A recently dismantled processing line. A press, which we will very quickly be using every day. 

John Deere tractor carrying the picking bins.

The Peugeot I sometimes use. 

The second winery in Serralunga.  

The small center of Castiglione Falletto.

The small center of Castiglione Falletto.

We miss you. How's the apartment? How is you room mate? is it the person you knew in New Zealand? I hear you'rer picking grapes.We did it once for about two hours and it was really hard. Don't forget ti send us your address. Have you gone back to that little wine bar that we went to? We want to hear what you are doing. Love and Kisses Nana and Nano


Miss you, too! The place is small, but nice. To be honest we don’t spend too much time here since work has picked up. My roommate is a nice guy. He’s from Australia and is also in his mid-twenties. No one that I knew from NZ is here. Picking is hard! But nothing I can’t handle. Yes, we’ve had lunch at that little bar a few times. Everything is going well, really haven’t been doing much other than work at the moment. Love you both.

Hey Enrico, How's it going? Your dad said you were picking grapes now, is that on a hillside? How many pickers are there and what are your hours like, are you exhausted by the end of the day? Then what's for lunch:-) do they feed you? Is it what you expected? We will be finishing harvest here the end of the week. except for 1 rain it has been exceptional weather, great tonnage and good prices. It's just good to see light at the end of the tunnel. Love seeing your pictures. Take care~ Sandy


Everything is going well. Picking has always been on a hillside, since 95% of the vineyards around here are planted as such. We have since then stopped picking because the winery requires extra hands now. But when we were picking, it was typically no less than 5 hours of picking with around 15 pickers. I think we picked about 6-8 tons a day. Then, after picking we would head into the cellar to crush the fruit. Lunch, when picking, is always panini. When we are not picking, lunch is either pizza or we head to a local place. Is it what I expected? In some ways, yes, in others, no. But like I said, things are going well. It rained for a few days here, so picking stopped. But we are currently up and running again and trying to pick all of the Barbera before it rots; next is Nebbiolo which is less of a risk for rot. I hope that you guys had a good harvest!

Appartamento Scarrone, my place in Castiglione

Oct 9

Just some barrel storage space built in the 12th century, no big deal…